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Our hand painted, made from scratch artisan bonbons are as big on flavor as they are on beauty. From the gorgeous shine on the outside, to the perfect crack of the tempered chocolate shell, to the intense flavors of the fillings, we approach every step in the creation of your favorite bonbons with love, care, and precision.


It's a difference you can see and you can taste.

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Kansas City Chocolatier

About Bliss Chocolatier


(n) perfect happiness, utter joy and contentment

Bliss Chocolatier is an artisan chocolate boutique outside of Kansas City, Missouri, specializing in hand-painted bonbons, chocolate bars, and fine confections.

Bliss is the creation of the mother/daughter team of Jessica Washburn and Pat Jarstad. While Pat has always enjoyed fine chocolate--searching out the best chocolates on her travels throughout the US, Europe, and Asia, Jessica's love of chocolate developed later in life. After obtaining a degree in Art History and running a successful portrait photography business, she discovered the world of specialty chocolate and, in it, the perfect marriage of her three loves: art, science, and food.

As head chocolatier for Bliss, Jessica has trained with master chocolatiers such as Melissa Coppel, Kriss Harvey, Ramon Morato, Nicolas Botomisy, and Andres Lara. 

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Our Approach

Every step counts

At Bliss we believe that every bite counts. We begin with the best possible ingredients: sustainably grown couverture chocolate, fresh dairy, perfectly ripe fruits and purees, deeply roasted nuts, and fragrant spices. We strive for beauty and believe that flavor and texture are paramount--each product is made with attention to detail at every step. We also believe that no matter how delicious something is, it could always be better and we never stop improving our recipes and techniques to bring you the finest quality chocolates and confections. It is that pursuit of the perfect bite that brings us bliss. We hope that when you bite into one of our creations you feel it too.

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